Power Plant - Performance and Condition Monitoring Software

Performance and conditioning monitoring can help you manage the cost of cycling operations at fossil power plants.

These costs can amount to significant increases in maintenance and capital expenses for generation units. Intertek can significantly reduce these costs by proper operations tuning, real time feedback and operator training provided by COSTCOM®.

COSTCOM is a Windows™-based real time, plant damage and cost monitoring simulation software that is designed to be easily added to the current generation of power plant data acquisition and control systems (DACS). COSTCOM computes plant wide damage accumulation rates and dollar costs for base load and cycling operation. This is done by drawing real-time measurements from the DACS system and computing actual stress increases, damage accumulation and heat (fuel) input costs. This approach draws on Intertek's cost of cycling analysis that derives dollar costs for defined load transients.

COSTCOM can be installed on fossil steam as well as gas turbine combined cycle power plants. The software determines the cost impacts of increasing ramp rates, MW load transient ranges, and shortened startup and shutdown times. By using COSTCOM, operators can learn how to control cycling operations in order to optimize operations and reduce costs.

COSTCOM has three modes of operation:

  • Normal mode
    • Real time cost monitoring
  • Reconciliation mode
    • Historical operations monitoring for plant management
  • Training mode
    • Simulation mode to train new/current operators on best practices

The plant-wide damage and calibrated costs are sent to plant management and on to the dispatch center as they occur in real time. The code is available for installation at plants at which Intertek has previously performed a cost of cycling analysis, or can be estimated based on plant test data and a benchmark to similar units.

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Need help or have a question?

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