Clinical Trials for Consumer Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Leading clinical trial expertise across dermatology, dentistry and podiatry therapeutic areas providing investigator site support for efficacy and safety

Pharmaceutical clinical trials are an essential step in the development of new medicines. Clinical trials establish the efficacy and safety of new pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medicines or medical devices. 

Finding the right Investigator site is crucial to the success of a clinical trial. Sites must have adequate capacity, experienced site staff, access to suitable patient populations and the ability to perform required clinical assessments. Responsive participant patient enrollment and dedicated clinical trial managers are critical to achieving your development milestones and delivering study outcomes to meet regulatory requirements. 

Our clinical trial services for pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and medical devices include specialist capabilities in dental, dermatology, podiatry and wound management. Led by experienced investigators, our multi-disciplined clinical teams provide robust, GCP compliant trials to support your Phase II to Phase IV clinical studies for consumer healthcare products, over-the-counter medicines, and medical devices.  

Intertek expertise, services and capabilities are aimed at low risk investigational medicinal products and medical devices. We are able to provide a flexible approach to the clinical trial pathway, applying a risk based approach, accommodating unforeseen changes without compromising quality or regulatory requirements. With key strengths in predictable patient enrollment and experienced project management, we deliver projects on-time whilst optimising the value for our sponsors through a risk-based approach, regular training and assessor calibration. We apply efficient and appropriate approaches to trial methodology working to UK clinical trial legislation, ICH GCP and ISO 14155 Clinical Investigation of Medical Devices Guidelines. Through access to a clinical trial network Intertek can also provide regulatory submissions, clinical laboratory services, fully validated data management and statistics and electronic data capture. 

The strengths, skills and dedication of our staff delivers the benefits of on-time delivery and highly credible clinical trial data to support your Phase II to Phase IV clinical studies for consumer healthcare products, over-the-counter medicines, and medical devices. Our clinical trial experience reinforces your decision making process during product development and will allow you to meet Regulatory Authorities’ requirements for safety and efficacy studies.  We help you bring your product to market quickly, responsibly and economically to keep your business continually moving ahead with our Total Quality Assurance expertise.

Oral Care and Dental Clinical Trials

Our qualified dental professionals are trained and experienced in industry standard, published, clinical assessments for gingivitis, periodontitis, dental hypersensitivity and caries. The team  comprises dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists to provide a full clinical service. 

Dermatology Clinical Trials

Our experience in dermatology clinical trials for topical applied pharmaceuticals or medical devices to treat skin conditions, include protocols for treatments to assess acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, cold sore treatments and seborrheic dermatitis. We work across early phases of product development providing dermal safety studies including local tolerability, irritation and sensitisation studies. 

Podiatry Clinical Studies

Our podiatry and dermatology clinical trial team provides GCP compliant investigator site study services to assess the safety and efficacy of consumer healthcare products or medical devices developed to treat conditions and diseases that affect the feet and toenails including fungal nail treatments (Onychomycosis), Athlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis), verrucas and treatment of other foot related conditions or diseases.

Wound Management 

Intertek expertise within wound management falls within patient and clinician acceptance and adhesive assessments. Intertek has access to a network of nurses and medics with expertise in application and removal of various wound dressings.

Intertek clinical research facilities comprise five sites in the UK that offer an optimal blend of practicality and flexibility. All sites have the capability to accommodate GCP clinical trials in different indications with high quality clinical spaces including, private examination rooms, interview areas, sample preparation and dosing stations. The versatility of our sites and staff allow us to maximize project scheduling opportunities by providing equivalent facilities and skills across a variety of locations.
With specialization across a variety of therapeutic areas including dentistry, dermatology and podiatry our network of qualified investigators and our multi-disciplined clinical teams can fully support your clinical trial programme. Our investigators are proficient in ICH GCP and ISO 14155 and have experience in conducting a range of investigations involving medicinal products and medical devices.
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