Interoperability for the Connected World (IoT)

Widen competitive advantages with configurable testing to simulate any combination of products, software, and network within controlled conditions.

What is Interoperability?
The Connected World (IoT) relies on products to exchange, share, and interpret data. Interoperability ensures all components work together according to requirements and expectations for performance, security, and data integrity. Interoperability verifies products and systems will form an integrated solution, enabling seamless communication with one another within an ecosystem.

Intertek’s expert team of test engineers are trained to evaluate factory-installed and aftermarket off-the-shelf “Smart” / Connected IoT products for performance, interoperability, and claims. Our engineers can install and integrate any combination of products and networks within our labs to validate seamless operation.

Providing a full-suite of interoperability services for the Connected World, Intertek provides total quality assurance with objective results further widening your competitive advantage and closing competitive gaps.

On-Demand Webinar: Interoperability for the IoT

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