Ontrack On Demand Learning

Share and Organize Your Information.

Ontrack’s moderated social learning forum “Ask Us”, provides your team members with a direct connection to operational experts and a venue to share best practices and collaborate with other individuals across the organization. The communities’ knowledge base expands each day as more questions are asked and answered, providing a direct line of site to gaps in training. Answers are given in a searchable micro learning format to ensure information is shared quickly and efficiently. Trending topics provide real time data driven insights into knowledge gaps that can be closed quickly by integrating into daily fact checks.

Key features of the knowledge forum:

Allow users to get information at the point of need on products, procedures and promotions.
Monitor trends and knowledge gaps through topic tagging.
Sort content by a variety of criteria like latest submissions, most likes, and most views to find the most relevant information.
Social collaboration
Interact with answers by liking and commenting to engage with trending topics.
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