Ontrack Task Management

Mitigate Business Risk in a Constantly Changing Environment.

Have a span of control over all your operations at every location with Ontrack’s Task Management tool, “Daily Agenda”. Ensure your procedures and standards are managed effectively and enabling on the job learning to drive speed to competency for every team member.

Key features of the operations tools:

Time Based Task Management
Organize tasks into time windows to give users a clear path on what is required and when.
Action Management
Track outstanding actions required based on off-standard tasks in a single repository.
Checklist Tasks
Prescribe and track tasks to ensure standards are met and routines are followed.
Task Based Training
Embed existing training and information in tasks for users to reference on-the-job.
Complete audits/evaluations and create action plans for every off standard item with the ability to define severity and resolution time.
Measurement Logs
Record data for equipment and products either manually or through IoT devices. Compliment data with prescriptive actions for resolution.
Time-Stamped Audit Controls
Capture an electronic record of every task’s completion.
Photo Documentation
Upload photos to demonstrate issues and resolution.
Time-Based Alerts
Guide users through their key tasks throughout the day.
View task completions down to the individual line item.
Site Attributes
Target by location details such as equipment, menu items, region, to allow both overall brand consistency and location customization.
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