Pharmaceutical Powder and Particle Morphology

Pharmaceutical particle and powder characterization services to assist understanding of physical properties to optimize formulation and production

Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and products often involve suspensions and bulk powders. The finished pharmaceutical product may also be used in conjunction with a delivery device.

Particle size will influence physical properties, such as the flowability of a powder, and in turn, will impact processing, blending, tableting, dissolution, delivery and bioavailability. When the pharmaceutical product is delivered via a device such as inhalation technology, device development challenges related to the powder / particle or suspension properties may be experienced. Manufacturing scale up processes may lead to changes in the particle shape and size leading to changes in flowability and ultimately the aerosolisation of the powder.

Our physical characterisation experts employ powder rheology testing and shape analysis to assist understanding of potential issues faced by the developers and manufacturers. Our teams are experienced in device and formulation compatibility assessment with the ability (and technology) to map and characterize device / formulation performance during early stage development in order to address problems related to device development.

  • Dry Powder analysis services:
    • Solid State Characterisation
    • Particle morphology using Malvern Morphologi G3
    • Particle size analysis – by laser diffraction 
    • Particle characterisation from a delivery device – real time analysis using laser diffraction
    • Spray Pattern and Plume geometry of a powdered suspension 
  • Powder and Particle Characterisation:
    • Powder X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)
    • Surface Area Determination by BET
    • Particle size in suspension and aggregation by dynamic light scattering
    • Rheology 
    • Compaction Studies - how packing affects flow properties
    • Flow rate studies
    • Aeration and de-aeration studies
    • Fluidisation study
    • Segregation studies
    • Attrition studies
    • Cohesion testing
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