Intertek to exhibit at PepTalk 2018

Meet Intertek's experts during Protein Science Week at the 17th Annual PepTalk in San Diego, California, USA, January 8-12, 2018, Booth 322

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is increasingly applying pressure on drug developers to determine how their products work. Given the central role of proteins in response to drug products, the fact that essentially all drug targets are proteins, and the trend that an increasing number of drug products are themselves proteins, proteomic and protein analysis is an important step in bringing products to the market.

Our experts will be available at Booth 322 to discuss how we can help with your protein analyses needs. Our versatile proteomic and protein analyses analytical capabilities provide confident identification and quantification of all proteins and proteomes, and help support FDA approval. 

Our protein analysis scientists provide characterisation and testing services in accordance with the requirements of the ICH Q6B Guidance to ensure the quality and consistency of your product. With strengths in protein structure analysis, physiochemical property determination, biological and functional assays, product- and process-related impurity testing we can help you to achieve a "well characterized" protein drug substance or drug product. Through experienced protein analysis we can support your product development, in-process testing, identity confirmation, comparability, stability testing and batch release testing.

We work with our clients to design and deliver bespoke and molecule specific strategic protein analytical programs, designed to optimise the data required to determine or confirm identity, explore patterns of heterogeneity and demonstrate consistency in quality of the drug substance or drug product such as proteins glyco-proteins, biosimilars, monoclonal antibodies, PEGylated proteins, antibody drug conjugates, bispecifics, and vaccines


PepTalk Poster Presentation

Intertek’s Protein and Bioanalytical LCMS Senior Scientist Dr. Laurence M. Brill will be available to discuss scientific posters that he contributed to, including:


  • Versatile Enzyme Activity Assay of a Pegylated Cyst(e)inase in Mammalian Sera Using LC-MS/MS and Quantitative Analysis of Human Pluripotency and Neural Specification by In-Depth (Phospho)Proteomic Profiling
  • Critical Assessment of LC-HRMS-Peptide Data Quality Via Advanced Software


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PepTalk, one of the largest annual gatherings of protein science researchers in the world, attracts nearly 1,300 experts from academia, biotech and pharma from 30 countries. All come together for networking, learning, discovering new opportunities, and developing partnerships.

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