High Energy Piping Program

Major failures in high energy piping systems over the past 30 years highlight the need to establish an effective maintenance and inspection program to prevent future failures.

High energy piping systems are affected by various factors such as high temperature creep, fatigue, creep-fatigue, thermal shock, ratcheting and flow accelerated corrosion. Load cycles may also add stress to high energy piping systems – pushing the system beyond its original design limits.

Failures in high energy piping systems that are caused by these issues can result in personnel injuries and fatalities, as well as damaged equipment and loss of power generation. To avoid these catastrophic failures, power plant operators need to maintain the safe and reliable operation of their high energy piping systems. 

Intertek Engineering Consulting (previously APTECH Engineering) can help power plant operators achieve this by developing and implementing an asset integrity management program that can ensure the safety of personnel and reliable operation while minimizing piping inspection costs. 

As part of our asset integrity management program for high energy piping systems, Intertek can provide piping stress analyses, rank critical welds and create optimized inspection schedules. Our assessment of high energy piping systems can include the following evaluations:

  • Material verification
  • Seam weld verification
  • Hanger walkdowns in both cold and hot conditions
  • Non-destructive examination of welds
  • Surface replication and metallurgical analysis of welds
  • Piping system stress analysis based on design as-built, and as found conditions
  • Recommendations for hanger adjustments/replacements
  • Identification of critical locations and inspection intervals based on analyses of significant field anomalies, field inspection results and historical industry problems
  • Identification of flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) locations
  • Risk-based evaluations
  • Remaining creep lives of weldments 

Intertek has years of experience inspecting hundreds of high energy piping systems. We can conduct a full condition assessment of your power plant piping providing the data and knowledge to help you make informed asset integrity management decisions.

Request more information to see how Intertek can help your company with High Energy Piping Inspection. 

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Need help or have a question?

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