Powering our Future: With a tipping point having been reached across all stakeholders in society, sustainability has become the movement of our time.

The energy industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation from all directions, and the world’s energy companies are facing an enormous challenge to balance demands, costs and supplies while transitioning to a sustainable future.  Those challenges are compounded by the need to ensure operational efficiency, maximize quality, minimize risks and costs and improve safety.  In addition, there is an increased need to maintain pace with peers as companies navigate the quickly evolving transition.

To meet the expected increase in global energy demand as populations grow and living standards improve, the world will need a significant increase in energy production from a variety of sources in the short, medium and long term.  As the energy transition accelerates and companies re-invent the way they manage their sustainability agendas, the growth opportunities within the World of Energy are truly exciting.

Intertek is an experienced thought leader and trusted partner with a breadth and depth of expertise that companies and industries rely on.  More than ever, companies are seeking experts to help them proactively prepare for and overcome challenges, seize opportunities and maintain budgets and project timelines.  

Intertek’s World of Energy business brings together our historic energy industry expertise, proactive innovations and broad-based specialist services in support of companies as they pursue decarbonisation targets and navigate the energy transition.  As a Total Quality Assurance solutions provider to a wide variety of industries around the world, Intertek has made a history of anticipating the needs and risks facing our global clients.  

  • Energy in our DNA:  For more than 135 years Intertek has been an unwavering partner to the energy industry – from traditional sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemical, LNG and fossil-fuels to wind, solar, hydro, energy storage, carbon capture and hydrogen.

  • The experts in energy:  Intertek’s extensive network of energy industry experts consistently delivers a broad portfolio of proactive solutions that our clients need on global and local levels. Our people are at the heart of what we do. 

  • Peace-of-mind through our end-to-end approach:  We are a trusted partner with a track record in delivering peace of mind through our adaptive and systemic end-to-end TQA solutions. No other company has the network, tools and processes to deliver on a global scale. 

  • Energy evolution:  We are supporting the energy industry through the shift to sustainable power. With unique solutions that are driven by recognised and trusted experts, we can help you power ahead into a new era of success.

At Intertek, we are a global force for good, providing end-to-end World of Energy support to every client, with industry-leading Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions, helping the world to lower its carbon intensity as part of the sprint to Net Zero. 

Bringing Quality, Safety and Sustainability to Life is what we stand for, and this is how we support over 400,000+ clients across every sector. 

Intertek…leading The World of Energy revolution.


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