Government & Trade

Government and Trade services, securing your imports, facilitating your exports. Intertek Government and Trade Services support governments to implement importing standards Exporters: Safely meet governmental requirements and deliver your products to your customers on time.

Intertek helps governments, customs, and national standards organisations improve the compliance of imports with safety standards, protect import duty revenues, and secure the international supply chain.

Our expertise and Conformity Assessment Programmes help ensure imported goods meet safety and other standards. Our worldwide network of offices delivers rapid inspection, certification, and shipment valuations. Our verification services provide the assurance you need for engaging in international trade.

Countries that are looking to raise their economic profile, protect their environment and its citizens, implement and execute imported goods assessments.

Intertek is a leading provider in Testing, Inspecting and Certification accredited worldwide by governments, commercial organizations, co-operations, importers and exporters in facilitating trade.

Are you part of a government organisation?

We are experienced in working with the public sector in numerous fields, including energy, water and transportation.

Are you an exporter or importer to the following countries?

We are accredited to issue the mandatory certificates of conformity or inspections required for export and import to the following counties; Algeria, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cameroon, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Customs Services

Intertek Government and Trade Services rely on extensive experience in facilitating trade, to develop and deliver new services for governments, customs, authorities and standards organisations.


Import & Export

Secure compliance of your products with the expertise of Intertek. Focus on selling your products and your core activity to your target import and export countries.


Public Sector

Providing public sector services is one of our established capabilities, as we understand the unique set of responsibilities and considerations this brings.