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Intertek provides packaging services for all household, commercial and industrial packaging, including notification support for food contact, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Packaging is used to transport, contain and protect products and it is crucial that packaging materials do not affect a product’s integrity, safety or present a risk to either the consumer or environment.
New regulations for ensuring the safety of packaging material and products in key industries such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals present increasingly complex legislation that varies by region and country. Risks due to additives in coatings, inks or adhesives, the use of recycled fibres and plastics, epoxy resins such as Bisphenol A (BPA) in cans  and the re-use of plastic containers all cause safety concerns. Products must be rigorously tested and potential risks mitigated before market entry. Innovation to meet shorter product lifecycles and in particular, technologies to address key issues such as barrier protection, microbial protection, visual presentation and counterfeiting can drive marketplace advantage.
Keeping up to date with evolving regulations, our consultants and scientists provide the knowledge and testing capabilities you need to meet compliance requirements for industries such as food contact (migration testing and NIAS), pharmaceuticals (extractables and leachables), medical devices and cosmetics. Our toxicological risk assessments and risk management determine potential risks and guide you on the analytical data and documentation required for a submission to the authorities.  
Our scientists have specialist knowledge in polymer characterisation, chemical testing for coatings, additives, ink, adhesives and multi-layered materials, physical testing, barrier properties and package integrity testing, weathering and ageing, and quality testing to comply with vendor standards, national and international regulatory legislation. Testing expertise also includes investigative problem solving to support product development, failure or compliance requirements for a range of packaging materials such as plastics, glass, metals, paper, paperboard and textiles.
Protecting the environment by ensuring your processes are sustainable and your products do not introduce hazardous substances from waste can be achieved through Intertek’s life cycle assessment and packaging waste expertise. We offer registration, testing, consulting services to meet the requirement of the EU Directive (94/62/EC) on product packaging waste, including recycling programmes consulting and coordination.
Through our network of International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified packaging distribution testing laboratories, we can assess the impact of supply chain physical and climatic factors to determine the suitability of the packing system to protect the product.
Wherever you fit in the packaging supply chain, our packaging services can help you gain an advantage in your marketplace. With Intertek as your partner, we provide the expertise you need to progress product development, manufacturing or meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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