Housewares & Home Decor Testing Services

Establish Compliance of your Household Products to Quality and global Safety Standards and Regulations

From candles to cutlery and from picture frames to pet toys, Intertek helps to establish the compliance of your household products to quality and safety standards and regulations. Intertek’s global network offers innovative assurance, testing, inspection and certification services for your housewares & home décor items through testing the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of each product, providing total quality assurance.

Our housewares and home décor product categories include:

Candles: Performing safety tests for candles, room scenters, gel candles, nightlights, tea lights and lanterns to help candle manufacturers mitigate risks such as household fires, property damage, burn injuries and adverse effects from toxic coating materials or soot.

Food Contact Articles: Intertek can help you ensure your household and kitchen products that come into contact with food and drink -- including flatware, plates, bowls, glasses cookware and cutlery -- are safe for use around our homes and in our daily lives.

Home Décor and Seasonal Items: Whether seasonal or permanent, consumers are often unaware of the potential dangers associated with their home décor and seasonal items. Conducting performance and material tests with precision to help minimize potential dangers and ensure the safety and quality of household decorative items.

Promotional Products: Intertek understands the compliance and safety challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of premiums and promotional products and can offer a range of services to ensure that first-impression is a good one.

Pet Products: Intertek provides technical expertise and industry insight to help build quality and safety into pet products, helping manufacturers and retailers carve out a competitive advantage.

Window Coverings: The "Best for Kids" Certification Program was developed for manufacturers of window covering products that have no cords or inaccessible inner cords to certify their products as approved for use in facilities where young children may be present.

Auditing and Systems Certification

In addition to Housewares & Home Decor, Intertek helps clients build, enhance, and protect their brands through advisory services that go above and beyond regulatory compliance.


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