In a world where companies are facing an increasing number of challenges driven by growing complexities in their operations, the demand is growing for Total Quality Assurance solutions that extend beyond the quality and safety of physical components, to those that deliver sustainable solutions in the development of products and services for the future.

As a leader in Total Quality Assurance, with over 1,000 locations and 42,000 people worldwide, Intertek recognizes the future of our clients depends on their ability to meet the growing demand for global trade while reducing the impact on the environment. Intertek works with customers across a wide range of sectors to support them in mitigating the environmental impacts of their products, processes and operations. Our proven supply chain expertise, global network, and on the ground local knowledge help our customers with increased transparency to manage risk in their processes and supply chains, whilst supporting their ability to operate effectively and act responsibly. We are uniquely positioned given our global scale to partner with our customers in meeting their needs in delivering a wide variety of sustainable products and services.

At Intertek, Sustainability is core to our business and we are constantly evaluating and improving our processes with not only the services we offer our customers but our own business processes and initiatives. Through developing and implementing key programs, Intertek’s sustainability strategies aims to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment by understanding and mitigating against our material impacts. Continuously improving policies and practices support our values for a diverse and inclusive global family, committed to professional excellence and the communities in which we operate. At Intertek, our people are passionate about their work and are proud to be involved in activities which generate a positive impact for society and the environment.


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