Intertek continues to Build Back Ever Better with socioeconomic development projects in India

New Mobile Healthcare Project flagged off by Intertek CEO Andre Lacroix in Tamil Nadu, where the company also has an ongoing skill development programme in textile technology.

October 16, 2023

Coimbatore: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has had a strong presence in the south of India since 1998. The company’s Softlines labs in Tirupur, Chennai, and Bangalore cater to the assurance, testing, inspection, and certification (ATIC) requirements of South India’s textile industry.

Intertek is committed to being a force for good in the world by bringing quality, safety, and sustainability to life. As part of the company’s Sustainability Excellence agenda and ‘Build Back Ever Better’ approach, Intertek actively supports a number of welfare and socioeconomic development projects among communities throughout India.

During Intertek Group CEO André Lacroix’s visit to the South Indian city of Tirupur this week, the company announced a significant new community welfare project called Arogya. Arogya is a mobile health unit project aimed at providing preventive and curative healthcare to more than 35,000 beneficiaries across 20 villages in the greater Tirupur district, especially in remote and inaccessible parts of the region where access to basic health infrastructure is often limited.

The Arogya mobile healthcare unit (MHU) will come fully equipped with general OPD services, equipment, and medicines needed to provide early diagnosis and effective patient management. The unit is designed to offer inclusive and affordable basic healthcare in addition to a reliable doctor-patient follow-up system, ensuring timely treatment for those in need. It will also serve to enhance local awareness of best practices around health and hygiene with the aim of combating the prevalence of diseases and other ailments in the region.

Andre Lacroix flagged off the Arogya MHU on the first Thursday of this month after visiting Intertek’s Textile Technology Training (T3) Centre in Tirupur. The T3 Centre is an ongoing project dedicated to skill development and livelihood creation among the local youth population.

Tirupur is India’s leading textile manufacturing centre and one of Asia’s biggest knitwear export hubs, being home to nearly 10,000 garment manufacturing units and TIC labs. Despite this pivotal economic role, many of the city’s young and growing population lack access to technical skill building opportunities.

By establishing the T3 Centre in Tirupur Intertek has sought to bridge this technical skills gap, in the process creating new economic opportunities for local people within the textile testing and quality assurance industry. The T3 Centre programme offers free training across three locations to over 705 young individuals enrolled in certified courses, preparing them for roles as future lab technicians and merchandisers over a three-year program. So far, 139 students have been trained in Tirupur alone, with 101 graduates having now successfully secured employment across 64 different textile companies.

The T3 initiative forms an integral part of Intertek’s wider efforts to support the development of the Indian textile industry while simultaneously empowering members of the local population – especially women – to learn new professional skills and access better job opportunities. “Healthy businesses happen in a healthy society,” André said during his visit, “At Intertek, we believe we are born to make the world ever better… and that is what we are striving to do every hour, every day, every moment of our lives.”

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