Intertek ToxClear

ToxClear is an innovative digital chemical management platform for fashion industry stakeholders to detox their supply chains by reducing hazardous chemicals used in the input, process, and output stages. Leveraging Intertek’s extensive experience in chemical management, ToxClear offers end-to-end Total Chemical Assurance solutions for safer, cleaner, and more sustainable supply chains. This solution allows brands and their supply chains to support their commitments in managing and offering transparency in their production chemical usage.

As an approved ZDHC solution provider, ToxClear connects with ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module for real-time ZDHC MRSL conformance data mapping and generation of ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports, providing total traceability and transparency of chemicals used in the supply chains. The platform enables chemical inventory data exchange and communications between brands and suppliers seamlessly, 24/7.

Brand users can have full visibility on suppliers’ chemical inventories and easily evaluate their ZDHC MRSL conformance performance.

Supplier users can manage the chemical inventories of multiple facilities, have full visibility on their chemical conformance performance for continuous improvement, and to generate performance InCheck reports.

The ultimate goal is to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

Benefits of ToxClear include:

  • End-to-end Total Chemical Assurance Solutions
  • A Safer, Cleaner, and More Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Real-time Data Mapping with ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module
  • Generation of ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports
  • Seamless Connections Between Brands and Suppliers
  • Easy Management of Chemical Inventory Conformance Performance
  • Cutting-edge Cloud Based Technology Platform
  • Backed by Strong Technical Expertise Through a Global Network

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